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Choose Health Internal Health Tracker

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In stock

The Choose Health kit comprises of an at home lab test and tape measure.

The lab test measures and is used as a screening tool for total cholesterol(total cholesterol:HDL), inflammation(hsCRP), oxidative stress(GGT), insulin resistance(triglycerides:HDL), average blood sugar(hbA1C) and visceral fat(waist to height ratio).

The at home finger prick test takes less than 10 minutes and the dried blood sample is sent directly back to a CAP accredited lab for analysis. Results can be expected back directly to a mobile device in 5-7 days. The testing and tracking experience is interactive and fully mobile. Individual test results are mapped to clinical endpoints for diet, exercise and other lifestyle interventions such as drinking and smoking to educate and empower change.

The test was compiled by three functional physicians with the goal of creating the most cost effective and efficient way to get a snapshop of internal health. The markers were chosen as effective screening markers for long term health and disease prevention and as markers that could be positivel or negatively impacted by lifestlye factors and interventions. The test kit can either be ordered to be collected from a clinic or ordered direcly to the home of the end user.

Our mission at Choose Health is to provide health literacy and preventative services to a mass audience at an affordable price.

The product can be used:

1) As a simple, cost effective way to get a snapshot of internal health.

2) As a virtual diagnostic tool that can be sent directly to the home of a patient or user that does not want to or does not have access to visit a physical diagnostic laboratory.

3) For users looking for extra peace of mind outside of physical or telemedicine interactions.

4) As a compliance tool to track and monitor a client or user base outside of physical office visits.

Each kit includes: Finger Prick Blood Test Kit, Tape Measure.

Choose Health offers access to laboratory testing for wellness monitoring, informational and educational use. The tests we offer access to are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. None of our tests are intended to be a substitute for seeking professional medical advice, help, diagnosis, or treatment.